The past three days have been really busy because of the June VBS. 


Today was the last day and VBS is officially over.  This year I was one of the cast in the VBS Skit so there were rehearsals (I wanted to blog about it but was too busy) and many other things to organize. Really thankful to be working with the crafts team again, though this time I didn’t contribute ideas at all, I just helped with the manual work not the brain work 😂✌️ 

For the skit, I played the role of a girl named Jill. And yes, there was her friend, Jack too 💁  Jill iz second from right and Jack iz wearing black. Super loved the storyline even though Jack and Jill’s appearance was only on Day 1 and 3. The female protagonist is in the picture, at the far left 😂 we wanted to take a full cast picture but we forgot cus we were too busy 😂

Then there was the classes, and I was again with the lower primaries. It was tiring at times but we all managed to get through all three days. 



Met the Hoy homeschooling siblings. Super delightful to talk to them and they’re all so loveable and adorable

There’s still more fun to look forward to cus this Monday is the beginning of church camp! We’re going to Malaysia woohoo gonna see some friends for like so many days in a row 😂 but it’s all fun. 

Gonna catch some sleep now, this month is scheduled to be my turn to play the piano for church. 

hopefully I don’t sleep during Sunday Bible Hour 😭


Hey ‘sup

So to start this post on a happy note, my brother has passed his napha with a silver YAY from 0 to 5 pull-ups in 2 weeks is a miracle. At the toa payoh stadium, he met some brothers that we knew and were homeschoolers too I took PSLE with one of them so it’s real cool
And I was wanting to tell you guys but I fergot. I got a distinction for my grade 8 practical (:

So that’s the good news haha

Next week will be the youth camp woohoo then the next will be VBS eeksand then the next will be church camp yezziree.

Camps camps and more camps.
December is gonna be a busy monthhh but I’m looking forward to it (:

Have a good week guys! Laf you all 💕


This blog’s been sleeping for awhile cus I’ve been busy with school, and planning for VBS crafts. yes, it’s the VBS again; that time of the year I’m finishing my ‘O’ level equivalent cert actually I’m all done except for maths, I still have 5 more books to complete, an essay and a science project. so I’m almost all done for this years school! And it’s been a good academic year for me, finishing my ‘O’ level equivalent this year which is one year earlier than normal kids in public schools. That puts me back on track cus I’m a January 1st baby, and kids born on the first of January have to go to school one year earlier though I have no idea why o.O so I’m 15 and sec 4. Woohoo, cool beans. I’m not the only one I know who’s gone to school one year earlier, there’s my priddy cousin who’s one year older than me, and we share the same birthday cool beans, man. So we both went to school a year earlier than friends our age.
It’s already Nov I can’t believe it. My dad’s birthday just passed, it was on the 5th of Nov. We had a small family celebration, and a rather sizeable surprise group celebration with some cool folks from church.
Yesterday, which was Saturday, we youths from church had lunch at a one of the youths house. It was a late celebration for him, his birthday was also on the 5th of Nov.

So many things wow. There’s still more.
My older brother I love him so much is retaking his napha test this Wednesday. Unfortunately, he could not pass his pull-ups which required him to do 5 in order to pass. That was 2 weeks ago. He’s praying to get silver for the overall he would have gotten silver the first time, but if he failed one station, the whole test is considered as fail. Getting silver for napha would mean:
1. Holidays from December till early Feb or is it early March
2. Able to go for church camp which is from 10th to 13th Dec.
3. Spending more time with family and friends during the year end.
If he doesn’t get silver this Wednesday, he still has one more try the next Wednesday. But if he can’t make it by next Wednesday, I’ll personally be devastated. My older brother is practically my life.

There’s Youth camp coming up in about 2 weeks from now, then the following week will be VBS, and the following week will be church camp. There’ll be a one week break before the Christmas week begin and the next week will be the LAST WEEK OF 2014. I want to crei, the year is ending so fast.

Today has been a good but tiring Sunday.
Im feeling really tired now and I think you are too from reading this post haha but hope you guys had a good day too~

Cheerios! 😊