Thursday Thoughts: 08:00am

Maybe it’s time to trust again.


Thursday Thoughts: I hope you think of me.

How strange it is, sad even, that people can be so unaware of the ones that are at this very moment drowning in love with their deep dark souls, and yet love another who believes in a fulfilling life that has no space for them.

Thursday Thoughts: Now You See It

Don’t you get it?
Pain isn’t invisible.
Pain can be seen.

Pain is the way her heart feels so much she connects her forehead with the unfeeling walls of her room a hundred times over.

Pain is the bleeding hills of knuckles, serrated crimson skin dangling on ends, and a million glass shards carpeting the toilet tiles.

And sometimes pain and confusion, when mixed together, turns into a pile of clothes stashed into a drawstring bag, squashed dollar notes in your pocket and your feet taking you far away from the only place you knew as home.

Thursday Thoughts: How You Love Me Now

They teach you how to love but never how to stop. And through your anguish, you learn that some love has no end.

I think it’s kinda dangerous if you like someone for some specific reason. Cos what if that reason is gone one day, how are you gonna continue to love that person?
So I say to the brave hearts, if you find love, love them for no reason, love them for them.
That way, they’ll never need to worry about you losing love for them.

Thursday Thoughts: Stronger.

There is no weakness in forgiveness. Only strength and courage.

In today’s world, humility is mistaken for weakness and self-control for lack of spirit.
But I tell you, the one who has the courage to keep on being faithful to his calling while being trodden on, no one has more inner strength and stability than that man.

Thursday Thoughts: All the Light I cannot see.

The sun is always shining. But you are the one that decides how bright it shines.

It’s been night

For as long as I can remember

And i have forgotten

All the light

I cannot see.

Fading stars

Barely faking a glittery farce

Black dark night

I’ve lost my sight.

How long will the night last?

I pray the day comes fast

To show me

All the light

I cannot see.

And if the darkness

Won’t seem to pass

I pray to God

To teach me

To trust

In all the Light

I cannot see.

“Be still, my soul, the waves and winds still know, the Voice that ruled them while He dwelt below.”