Thursday Thoughts: 06:42am

How blessed are those whose strength
is in Thee.


Thursday Thoughts: stay strong

It’s the back-from-the-dead, breaking free from situations you never imagined you could shake off, the things that almost break you, those experiences are the things that makes you brave, bold and strong.

And more so too, if dependency is found in Christ, it is through the valleys that one may rejoice more gladly because it is only in helplessness that God’s strength is able to work more gloriously & the triumph at last will be sweet.

2 Corinthians 12:10 “…for when I am weak, then am I strong.”

Thursday Thoughts: Oxymorons

And the worse thing was that she knew she deserved so much better, but, oh, how appallingly weak-willed she was, to keep falling for the pair of hands that constantly tore what remained of her soul apart.

It’s so painfully ironic seeing people degenerate into a pathetic state where they purposefully love someone that continually hurts them and breaks their fragile heart, but so willingly hurt the angels that genuinely love them for their mere existence; a troubling time in a confused world where people show mind-boggling extra care & out-of-the-way concern for those who ignore them, while deliberately ignoring the ones that truly care about them.

11.11am: Thursday Thoughts

People criticize you based on their experiences with you even if the last time they spoke with you was 13 years ago when you were crazy about ripped up jeans and leather jackets or if they’ve barely known you for more than 6 hours, and all they call you by is hey.

But what really gets me is that they’ll always judge you as the old you even after you’ve grown out of who you were,  even after you’ve changed for the better.
11:11 ; do you believe that wishes come true?

Welcome back, Joanna.

Hey guys, been really inactive on my blog, much apologies to those who continually check back to my site yes I can see the visitor logs on my stats lol 😁

Have been toying with the idea of organizing my posts and start posting on a regular, predictable basis instead of the as and when, when I feel like it I’ll make a post kind of thing. Chucked the idea aside a year ago because I didn’t want any obligations to tie me down. But new year means new responsibilities and so yeah, changes heading this way. well, hopefully.

Regular posts would mean every Thursday that’s my only precious week day that has a free afternoon you can expect a Thursday Thoughts, some wickedly long or super short post about the random things I’ve been thinking about.
Or/And (maybe) Saturday Series of poems/ short feely paragraphs I author during the week when I get those rare writer’s inspiration moments.  I used to write alot but one day I stopped 😐 and the habit never really came back to me 😐 Except in bits and pieces and here and there, the writer’s block hasn’t really left me since then

Then there’ll be the unpredictable posts, when I have spare time and have something interesting to talk about, I’ll shoot.

But anw, more importantly, I hope my blog will evolve into something that you guys can interact and be active on and a blog that produces posts that people actually look forward to reading haha 😂 quite sad if majority of my followers end up being ghost followers 😥
Will finalize the list of regular posts to look out for by next week. Three cheers for me

Much love to all my followers and have a great weekend!
And to anyone who needs a gentle reminder to keep on trying and not give up: Failures do not define who you are but rather what you do when you fail. Keep your chin up, the sun will rise and we will try again 😌