Welcome back, Joanna.

Hey guys, been really inactive on my blog, much apologies to those who continually check back to my site yes I can see the visitor logs on my stats lol 😁

Have been toying with the idea of organizing my posts and start posting on a regular, predictable basis instead of the as and when, when I feel like it I’ll make a post kind of thing. Chucked the idea aside a year ago because I didn’t want any obligations to tie me down. But new year means new responsibilities and so yeah, changes heading this way. well, hopefully.

Regular posts would mean every Thursday that’s my only precious week day that has a free afternoon you can expect a Thursday Thoughts, some wickedly long or super short post about the random things I’ve been thinking about.
Or/And (maybe) Saturday Series of poems/ short feely paragraphs I author during the week when I get those rare writer’s inspiration moments.  I used to write alot but one day I stopped ūüėź and the habit never really came back to me ūüėź Except in bits and pieces and here and there, the writer’s block hasn’t really left me since then

Then there’ll be the unpredictable posts, when I have spare time and have something interesting to talk about, I’ll shoot.

But anw, more importantly, I hope my blog will evolve into something that you guys can interact and be active on and a blog that produces posts that people actually look forward to reading haha 😂 quite sad if majority of my followers end up being ghost followers 😥
Will finalize the list of regular posts to look out for by next week. Three cheers for me

Much love to all my followers and have a great weekend!
And to anyone who needs a gentle reminder to keep on trying and not give up: Failures do not define who you are but rather what you do when you fail. Keep your chin up, the sun will rise and we will try again 😌


Goodbye 2015.

{time for another year end reflection post wew} Warning: long post ahead

2015 passed so quickly & here I am, at the edge of another brand new year.

For me, this past year (2015) has been a year of (more than usual, compared to other years) growth in many different aspects, and for that I am most thankful to God.

The biggest change in my 2015 life was my elder brother enlisting into the police force to serve his NS, early this year. With him seldom around, I had to learn to find my own way & develop my own spiritual convictions instead of always leaning on him for strength & going to him if I had a problem.

Ps remember the post I wrote last year about a time capsule we did at Youth Group? Well we dug it up last Saturday. It was a bittersweet moment, reflecting on the accomplishments & failures of the goals but more so because of the way I wrote the “note to your future self”.

It was bittersweet for me, reading this note; sweet, because i had discovered a deeper relationship with Christ. Bitter because of the wasted years and that I could have spared myself from so much heartaches if only I had made the right choices.

Through 2015, I know God has led me and I thank Him for giving me opportunities to grow & mature. One of the experiences was when I went for the RSC. I had a crazy time with the school & loved my schoolmates. Learned the meaning of true friendship, or rather what a true friend should be. Realized my dream of singing in a quartet & winning second place for that. Made a bunch of new friends.

That wasn’t the only happy time, there were other highs like, watching my younger sisters in Christ get baptized, seeing them grow, bonding with friends, playing with my twinz (they’re not literally mine but 💁 they are in a special way ‚ú®), serving in church with faithful people.
And then, of course, there were lows. The tears, the hurts, the losses, the unfulfilled expectations, the many fears.
But through it all, no matter how weak I was or how I had forgotten God, He was always there.
Was struggling with abit of discouragement the past few months, but I know that whatever happens in my life, God knows why it does & He’s in control. Because I know He’s in control, I do not have to fret over it. He’ll work it out somehow.
In 2016, there’s gonna be more life changes & I’ll be busier coz I’m hoping to finish up my last year of school.

But I pray that while the going gets tough, I should always find my feet carrying me to the One who charted my course for guidance & strength.

Prone to wander, may I always bind myself with the cords of Love to the One who loved me & gave Himself for me;

Naturally prideful, may I choose to be broken bread & poured out wine;

Distracted easily, may my heart & mind be focused on being Christlike & having a heart of pure love towards God & men.

Emptied to be filled by God’s grace & peace, i pray that 2016 will find me depending more on His strength and wisdom.

Instead of relying on men for encouragement, may the only place I seek for refreshment & refuge be in the presence of the Saviour, and may the only refill I seek for a pure love for the brethren only be granted when I go to Love Himself.

And every virtue I possess is His alone.

“It is the saddest thing to see people in the service of God depending on that which the grace of God never have them, depending in what they have by the accident of heredity. God does not build up our natural virtues and transfigured them, because our natural virtues can never come anywhere near what Jesus Christ wants.”

– Oswald Chambers –

Looking back at the difference one year has made, I’m grateful for how God has led me through this year. Yes, I’ve come a long long painful way but it was a blessed way with Him.

“If through a broken heart, God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart.”

– Oswald Chambers –

Hello November

“In Your Presence Is Fullness Of Joy.”

It’s been a month since my last post. time flies when you’re having fun. or not. Life hasn’t been as kind as it could be but well, this is life.

I’ve been really busy with school and a Bible Diploma course I’ve enrolled in and began in August Faith Bible Institute aka FBI. We’re about to complete my first sem in FBI and the 3 exams/tests have started, 1 of which we have already taken last week.
Re school, i’m¬†headed to completing my J1 equivalent this year end and J2/ A levels hopefully by the end of next year. Seems like I have everything about my studies¬†under control when in actual fact I don’t. I was faced with what seemed to me a major failure and¬†oh well¬†pretty much feel like a failure now.

November 5th was my dad’s birthday and 11th was my parent’s second decade of marriage. wished I had the means to make those 2 days an extra special one.

Nov 12th was school’s grad night, it was awhsum the quartet got together again, we sang His Robes For Mine and the day before the grad night,¬†we learned our parts for another song, As The Deer. SuRPriSe me nothing, we did great. After grad night was over, we gathered together and suddenly there was a mass weeping. I mean it was justifiable, one of the girls was leaving the next day and we probably wouldn’t see her again soon. Then followed all the I’m gonna miss you Me too stay in touch okay forever friends don’t forget us be strong we love you and group hugs, wrong, much group hugs.

now. while most of the students school term is ending, I still have a lot of work to do. Ask me to describe how I am feeling this days in one word: Tired.

Okay. there’s so many things to be done, so many things going wrong, so many things that are so discouraging.

there’s no such thing as a separation between my family life and church life. No breaks, no breathers, no nothing. your reward is people leaving the church¬†or people¬†saying nasty stuff¬†and I’m just here like okay, this is just great, won’t you guys just give me a break?!
Well it isn’t exactly true that the only reward is nasty things, I mean, there are people that encourage me in ways they don’t even know and I really appreciate those people. It’s just that sometimes the black spot on a white cloth is so easier to pick on then the rest of the clean cloth.
So when the moments come, when I am encouraged by so and so who has made known his or her desire to love and follow God, I take it to readjust my focus on the aim of my spiritual walk and the people around me with the same goal.
Constantly having to remind myself not to look at men, and look only to God.

to be honest, this feeling, it isn’t new. I’ve been through this before, and I know I’ll make it out cos there’s God.


on a more positive note, I had a great time at the #HomeTeamFestival2015 last Saturday

 having fun with the SCDF hats (some hansum random policeman)

¬†Your¬†protector,¬†My brother. ¬†¬†¬†you may call me ma’am.¬†(I think I actually got the mata look eh)
we’re stuck with each other forever



This blog’s been sleeping for awhile cus I’ve been busy with school, and planning for VBS crafts. yes, it’s the VBS again; that time of the year I’m finishing my ‘O’ level equivalent cert actually I’m all done except for maths, I still have 5 more books to complete, an essay and a science project. so I’m almost all done for this years school! And it’s been a good academic year for me, finishing my ‘O’ level equivalent this year which is one year earlier than normal kids in public schools. That puts me back on track cus I’m a January 1st baby, and kids born on the first of January have to go to school one year earlier though I have no idea why o.O so I’m 15 and sec 4. Woohoo, cool beans. I’m not the only one I know who’s gone to school one year earlier, there’s my priddy cousin who’s one year older than me, and we share the same birthday cool beans, man. So we both went to school a year earlier than friends our age.
It’s already Nov I can’t believe it. My dad’s birthday just passed, it was on the 5th of Nov. We had a small family celebration, and a rather sizeable surprise group celebration with some cool folks from church.
Yesterday, which was Saturday, we youths from church had lunch at a one of the youths house. It was a late celebration for him, his birthday was also on the 5th of Nov.

So many things wow. There’s still more.
My older brother I love him so much is retaking his napha test this Wednesday. Unfortunately, he could not pass his pull-ups which required him to do 5 in order to pass. That was 2 weeks ago. He’s praying to get silver for the overall he would have gotten silver the first time, but if he failed one station, the whole test is considered as fail. Getting silver for napha would mean:
1. Holidays from December till early Feb or is it early March
2. Able to go for church camp which is from 10th to 13th Dec.
3. Spending more time with family and friends during the year end.
If he doesn’t get silver this Wednesday, he still has one more try the next Wednesday. But if he can’t make it by next Wednesday, I’ll personally be devastated. My older brother is practically my life.

There’s Youth camp coming up in about 2 weeks from now, then the following week will be VBS, and the following week will be church camp. There’ll be a one week break before the Christmas week begin and the next week will be the LAST WEEK OF 2014. I want to crei, the year is ending so fast.

Today has been a good but tiring Sunday.
Im feeling really tired now and I think you are too from reading this post haha but hope you guys had a good day too~

Cheerios! ūüėä