Love the Hate

In the end they’re gonna judge you anyway so whatever.

I’m learning to love endings. It’s almost sadistic even, maybe, I don’t know. Something like the way a paper turns brown and curls as if writhing in pain as fire consumes it. That kind of pain, I see as art.

While the poor paper disappears, devoured by the devil of a flame, isn’t it bitterly ironic however that it is the fire that was more beautiful?

I’m learning to love the hate I get from my writings, both existing and nonexistent. Kept as proof to shackle me? I’m sorry there won’t be apologies. 

You know why I love the hate? It’s because it trains me to rise higher each time.

You talk about me but I don’t know your name.

That’s exactly how legends live.

You show me what you lack pathetically, honesty, self-respect, love and respect for others.

I solemnly promise I shall strive to fulfill what you have failed to do so.


Saturday Series: perfect flaws

You’re loving people for their flaws because deep down in your gentle tired heart, you actually want someone to love you for all your flaws.
You hope that by loving them for their visible glaring faults, they might one day, in turn, love you, as unconditionally as you love them, for yours.
Now face it, people in the world don’t think the way you do, and they aren’t as kind-hearted as you.

So stop. Stop loving people for their flaws. Just stop –/

There’s nothing lovable about flaws. You need to learn to accept their faults and character cracks. That’s all. Full stop.
You don’t have to romanticize or balloon their faults to love them.

How about this: Love them for their strengths. Love them for their successes and good points.

And at the same time, you must learn to love yourself. Love yourself for everything you excel in. Find something you’re good at and grow from there. Stop deprecating yourself.
Don’t just focus on your failings.
Think of how much you can love yourself for all your shortcomings if you could love those people for all their despicableness.

Remember, you can never hate yourself into a version you or anyone else will love.

Then, I hope you’ll be able to find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have.

Monday morn

It’s gonna be the first day at camp. and it’s raining. oh btw, I won’t be updating my blog from Tues to Thurs cus I’ll be at camp. I’l only come back on Fri and then I’ll post stuff. wish I could tho~

I got this pic from a friends blog and I like it

It’s only 10..53 a.m. but so far, today’s been pretty stormy. I don’t know what’s going on. I am feeling a lot of things but I can’t tell you guys. I wish I could blast everything out but now’s just not the time. Things been rocky and I hate it. If I had my way, I want to be alone, not in camp. I want to stay in my room where my world shrinks to comprehensible proportions. sigh. I’ll never ever understand why such things happen but I’m ready to give up. Maybe I’m ¬†just dreaming and it’s all a bad dream. Maybe I’ll wake up one day and find out that things are actually all alright. Maybe. just maybe.

meanwhile. I hope you all will have a much better day than me. I love you all.