Youth Camp 2015!

Youth camp ended last Saturday; been catching up with teammates and also catching up on sleep too. 
Had a great time during youth camp and it was a totally different experience compared to the other camps, like maybe more spiritually ready to learn and accept God’s word during camp.

To me, every sermon and testimony shared gave me something to think about and devotions, it was a real blessing to be with the 5 other senior girls. Devotions was a time to be completely honest and humble about personal struggles. Over the 5 days, I personally learnt to appreciate the privilege of bringing our cares and burdens to the Saviour. 

It didn’t matter that we were competing against each other, or that we were in different teams. As long as we faced a crisis/ problem, we went straight to God. Or when we didn’t know what to do/ which direction to take, for example, preparation for my team’s skit, we committed our work to God and prayed for wisdom to do all for His glory. 

Grateful for this years camp and specifically, for my team!

 Things were different this year, I wasn’t the oldest in the team but I was the leader. And if you know me, I’m not a natural leader. I admit it was a struggle at first. But by the time first day was over, I realized that if I didn’t do anything/ lead the team, no one else would do it and everyone/ everything we tried to do will be in disarray. 

So despite my desperate incompetence to lead the team, I’m thankful for strength and super thankful for my team. They were always supportive and encouraging to me, always asking me if I was alright and if I needed anything I could ask them. 

Team Steadfast: || JY, me, Ella, Andrea, Erica, Kloe, TF, John, Joseph, Azel ||

 It was a super fun 5 days with my team and sure, there were frustrating moments, there were tears, but we were a team and stuck together.

Super blessed to be in Team Steadfast and although we didn’t win in the end, having worked and fought together, knowing my posse did their best, in my heart, it was more than enough.

I know we say this every year but we really mean it!! : looking forward to the youth camp reunion and the next youth camp!



Pre-Regional Student Convention: Sunday, 23rd August, 2015

Had church in the morning, my mind was all over the place, the excitement all building up.We boarded the coach at aroundd 1.20pm and began our approximately 6 hour journey.

  When we passed the SG and M’sia customs, we ran to the toilets (we were needing to pee so badly  just kidding I don’t know why we even ran but lol) and I didn’t know my bag was unzipped and my pencil case fell out. It was only after I boarded the coach again, one of our guys handed me my stationery bag and asked if it was mine. I was like 😱 yes where did you even find it. He said it dropped from your bag when we were running to the toilet. My heart skipped a beat. My bag unzipped. And my Passport. My. Passport. Was. Inside. I checked frantically and fortunately, thank God, it didn’t fall out. We stopped once for a short toilet break and another time for dinner. We had burgers at Burger King.

Jan, Kat, Naomi and me!

 waiting to board the coach after dinner

  Reached Shaftsbury Serviced Suites at about 7.30pm.

 My roommates, Naomi, Kat, and Jan, were all keen on going for a swim but we had to settle some admin stuff with our supervisor. Okay I’ll admit we were horrible and rushed our rather stressed out supervisor with all the admin stuff we had left undone so that we could go for a swim. We finished it up in like 20 minutes and headed to the pool. We weren’t rly sure if the other schools participating in the RSC were there already so we were pretty grateful for the darkness of the night that partially hid our faces from any curious onlooker peering at a group of laughing girls splashing and jumping into the pool. After the swim, we went back to the room (not before discovering how inconvenient it was because each room was only given one key card that allowed access to the lift lobby, to press the level you wanted to go to, and to open your room door. ONE CARD for a room of 6 people. If you didn’t have the card, you had to run ard and find the person. If the person who had the card was upstairs in the room and you were at the lobby, the person had to come down and pick you up with the key card cus you have no way to press the lift level without the tapping the key card on the card reader.) and we had a shower. Had a brief run through of the next day’s programme with our supervisor and we all slept rather early that night because we all knew the next day was gonna be the Beginning of everything.

    all the girls and female sponsors and supervisors!! 😍


The past three days have been really busy because of the June VBS. 


Today was the last day and VBS is officially over.  This year I was one of the cast in the VBS Skit so there were rehearsals (I wanted to blog about it but was too busy) and many other things to organize. Really thankful to be working with the crafts team again, though this time I didn’t contribute ideas at all, I just helped with the manual work not the brain work 😂✌️ 

For the skit, I played the role of a girl named Jill. And yes, there was her friend, Jack too 💁  Jill iz second from right and Jack iz wearing black. Super loved the storyline even though Jack and Jill’s appearance was only on Day 1 and 3. The female protagonist is in the picture, at the far left 😂 we wanted to take a full cast picture but we forgot cus we were too busy 😂

Then there was the classes, and I was again with the lower primaries. It was tiring at times but we all managed to get through all three days. 



Met the Hoy homeschooling siblings. Super delightful to talk to them and they’re all so loveable and adorable

There’s still more fun to look forward to cus this Monday is the beginning of church camp! We’re going to Malaysia woohoo gonna see some friends for like so many days in a row 😂 but it’s all fun. 

Gonna catch some sleep now, this month is scheduled to be my turn to play the piano for church. 

hopefully I don’t sleep during Sunday Bible Hour 😭

Weekend updates

Last Saturday, my YG had our second quarterly youth outing. 

 We went cycling, something which I haven’t done for quite awhile, at Punggol Park. It was super fun especially so cus my one of my closest friends joined the outing  

This was taken about halfway through the ride. We three and a few others were always ways ahead of the others so we had to stop to wait for the others to catch up. 😂

 It was super hot that day, and there was not much shelter around the park.  Das me at the left, middle is my big bro with his NS hairstyle, and on the right, my awesome Youth Leader with his cool shades

We cycled for about an hour and a half including the frequent stops we had to make to wait for the rest to catchup it was blazing hot and fortunately there was this small water park which I believe was built for days like last Saturday and a few of us walked through the water and got ourselves wet which we found out was a very good idea cus when we began to cycle again, the water in our clothes made the wind we felt cool. It took us about another 20 minutes from the water park to reach the place where we had lunch. First time ever I finished my drink that my brother up-sized for me Clap for me please thank you   

Selfie while queuing to place food orders cus we’re awesome. 

Youth leader’s wife came while we were having our lunch at KFC. She brought with her a cake cus it was one of our guys birthday (: sang happy birthday gobbled down our lunch and the cake cus we had to hurry back to return the bicycles. We rented them for 3 hours, started from 10.15 and had to get back by 1.15. Where we were having lunch would take us about 30 minutes ride to get back to the bike rental place and we only finished lunch at about 1pm 😂

we reached back slightly late but haha it was good enough, super fun racing with my doppelgänger and being able to cycle with my friends. 

It was super hot and after we returned the bicycles, some of us went to get drinks from the supermarket beside the bike rental place. Here’s us, pretending to buy soya milk, but really, we were just trying to cool ourselves off in the refrigerator.

Cooled off near a pond where we saw turtles and on of them was planking or maybe dying from being frozen by the sunFortunately for the poor turtle, he was saved from drying up in the sun my friend sprayed water on him, saving his life

After that we caught the bus to the interchange And took another bus from the interchange to home. 

The cool kid beside me came to my place, tried out my piano for a few minutes and then we left house to  play badminton cus we booked a court  at ace the place. Played from 3.30-5.30, came home, took a bath and this happened: It hurt quite abit on Sunday but it’s bearable now. It’s not so red anymore and I’d say the pain and the tan was worth the fun I had with the people around me. 

Here’s to looking forward to more of such good days ahead 😉


2014 is drawing to a close and I personally feel this year passed really quickly.

2014 has been a very tiring year, a year filled with many many dark downs. But when I look back at 2014, I know I can find days of sunshine, filled with much laughter, love and fun.

So many things have happened in 2014, I’ve changed in ways more than one. I feel some strange sort of emotional attachment to this year. I want to forget 2014, I want 2015 to begin. I want to forget the hurts of the year and have a new beginning. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave 2014 behind, filled with it’s sweet memories of so much fun with friends, camps, love, bonding, growing.

In reflection and retrospect, 2014 has been a painfully defining year for me. A year of growth, no doubt, at the same time, a year of many tears, many troubles. Yet still it has been a year of much love, much laughter, much fun with the ones dearest to my heart.

There’s so much I can be thankful for this year, new friends, new experiences, new knowledge. All the beautiful memories that 2014 contains are the reason why I hate to leave this year.

Last Saturday, 27th Dec, at youth group, our youth leader gave us a sheet of paper and on it we wrote some spiritual resolutions and some of us wrote a personal message to our future self. After that we folded our paper, wrote our names on it, and placed it in a rectangular, rather shallow, transparent, plastic box on which our youth leader wrote in block letters: TIME CAPSULE 27th DEC 2014

After the youth session was ended, two of our guys went down to the church garden and dug a hole there, placed the box inside and covered it back with the unearthed soil, burying our resolutions but waking up our resolve to fulfill our promises and resolutions in the upcoming 2015.
Our youth leader said that on the last Saturday of 2015, we would all dig the box up and let the time capsule take us back to the 27th of Dec and refresh our memories with what we resolved to spiritually accomplish and see how many of us have fulfilled our resolutions.


2014 has been a year that I will never forget. It doesn’t really matter that there were many dark days, many tears. What matters is what I have, all the beautiful memories, the love, fun, laughter, friends, and I will carry all these precious things with me, and keep it close to my heart for the rest of my life.