Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 2

Tuesday was the busiest day of the RSC for me. I had 5 (supposed to be 6, but one was pushed to Wednesday because of the time squeeze) events lined up for the whole day. I got up early again to collect breakfast from the hotel lobby (this time breakfast was provided by the RSC). Queued for 20 minutes with Jan to collect 6 boxes of rice for breakfast. The portion was so small it could be finished in 6 scoops, though I must admit it tasted good. My first event of the RSC was on Tuesday and it began at 8am: piano solo. Supervisor and sponsor prayed with Jan and I who were both competing in piano solo before we made our way to the music room. (Sadly I didn’t win a placing in my piano solo event, the event that I so badly wanted to win in. I didn’t memorize my piece like the others did so points were deducted for not memorizing and it pulled me down) Next event was Bible bowl, followed by group bible speaking. Went to watch the one act play teams act their skits before going for my piano duet event. When it was over, Mark, another fellow student, walked a few of us to the stadium about 15 minutes walk away from the campus to compete in badminton. I crashed out after my first match. I was matched against last years champion. My opponent was older than me but she was super nice. To be honest, I really wanted to win at least one match in badminton and my opponent literally gave me chances; she lobbed the shuttlecock all the time, I should have smashed but I’m so short I had to always wait for the shuttle to drop down to my level and by the time it dropped down, my opponent was well and ready to save my flimsy smash. When it was over, we laughed, shook hands. {the defeat isn’t bitter when the opponent is worth your time}

 Chatted around before rushing back to campus to compete in a second round of bible bowl because our two school teams were tied. After that, it was about dinner time and I was pretty wiped out. the hazy air in KL made my eyes sting and gave me a throbbing headache. Moments before Jan, our supervisor, and I stepped out of our room, the room’s phone rang. I picked it up and Kat’s voice on the other end spilled out,”Joanna, where are you? You and Jan need to practice at the rally hall because you guys got the piano duet command performance!” I screamed into the phone in surprise, shock probably hurt Kat’s ears Command performances were only reserved for the first place winners and it meant getting to go on stage and perform the winning event. Jan and I didn’t even eat dinner, there was no time for dinner and the adrenaline was running so high we didn’t feel hungry till late after night rally. We made our way quickly to the rally hall and had a run through of the programme with the Reverend before practicing for abit. At the second rally night at awards presentation, I went up to collect my HLCS Piano Duet medal. It felt really good to have a first place medal dangling from my neck.

 Had an illegal late night supper after lights out because my stomach was eating me for not having anything during dinner time. Our supervisor and sponsor was rather fed up with coming out of their room every 10 minutes to tell us to lower our volume from speaking in case the dean of residences on the prowl would catch the 4 of us out of bed 😂 soon enough, there was a knock on the door. Jan coolly remained where she was while the panicky 3 of us jumped into the toilet and shut the door behind us wiTHOuT tUrNInG ON THe LiGHts. Imagine the darkness we were in. And we were nervously giggling and trying to orientate ourselves in the utter darkness. One of the girls stepped on my toe in the pitch black and boy tHat REaLLY HurT. I yelped and the other 2 started to laugh. We heard voices and breathed a sigh of relief when we recognized it to be another supervisor. We emerged from the toilet giggling, and with me rubbing my toe.

We hurriedly finished cooking our insant noodles and re-heating some leftover food from the morning breakfast, ate, relieved ourselves and headed to our mattresses, stomach filled and hearts grateful that the busiest day was over.


Pre-Regional Student Convention: Sunday, 23rd August, 2015

Had church in the morning, my mind was all over the place, the excitement all building up.We boarded the coach at aroundd 1.20pm and began our approximately 6 hour journey.

  When we passed the SG and M’sia customs, we ran to the toilets (we were needing to pee so badly  just kidding I don’t know why we even ran but lol) and I didn’t know my bag was unzipped and my pencil case fell out. It was only after I boarded the coach again, one of our guys handed me my stationery bag and asked if it was mine. I was like 😱 yes where did you even find it. He said it dropped from your bag when we were running to the toilet. My heart skipped a beat. My bag unzipped. And my Passport. My. Passport. Was. Inside. I checked frantically and fortunately, thank God, it didn’t fall out. We stopped once for a short toilet break and another time for dinner. We had burgers at Burger King.

Jan, Kat, Naomi and me!

 waiting to board the coach after dinner

  Reached Shaftsbury Serviced Suites at about 7.30pm.

 My roommates, Naomi, Kat, and Jan, were all keen on going for a swim but we had to settle some admin stuff with our supervisor. Okay I’ll admit we were horrible and rushed our rather stressed out supervisor with all the admin stuff we had left undone so that we could go for a swim. We finished it up in like 20 minutes and headed to the pool. We weren’t rly sure if the other schools participating in the RSC were there already so we were pretty grateful for the darkness of the night that partially hid our faces from any curious onlooker peering at a group of laughing girls splashing and jumping into the pool. After the swim, we went back to the room (not before discovering how inconvenient it was because each room was only given one key card that allowed access to the lift lobby, to press the level you wanted to go to, and to open your room door. ONE CARD for a room of 6 people. If you didn’t have the card, you had to run ard and find the person. If the person who had the card was upstairs in the room and you were at the lobby, the person had to come down and pick you up with the key card cus you have no way to press the lift level without the tapping the key card on the card reader.) and we had a shower. Had a brief run through of the next day’s programme with our supervisor and we all slept rather early that night because we all knew the next day was gonna be the Beginning of everything.

    all the girls and female sponsors and supervisors!! 😍

Countdown to the Regional Student Convention (RSC): 6 days to departure. 

It’s just one week away from the RSC and we had a full dress rehearsal last Saturday of every performing event eg piano solo, piano duet, flute duet, one act play, group bible speaking, poetry recitals etc 
Now we’re only left with a few days to scramble to perfect whatever performance events we have and get ready for the competition and the convention. 

I already feel tired just thinking about the last minute preparation I have to do this coming week. 

I’m guessing everything will come and pass very quickly and I’m already feeling sore that I’m not gonna be seeing some of the students there often anymore, and they’re the ones that make me feel alive when I’m around them.  

Anyway. Re Convention, I’m quite nervous cus I don’t know what to expect and I really want to win. It’s also my first time traveling overseas without my parents which to me is part exciting part scary cus I’m going ovErSeAS man, not the same as going to Orchard Road to kiakia. 

Really hope everything goes smoothly 😌 

hallo there

rly sorry i havent been blogging this past two weeks, which was also the last two weeks of the school holidays boohoo
so the third school term began yesterday and so far things are going alright if things weren’t going alright, i’ll be worried.

grateful to be able to spend almost one whole week with big bro during the school holidays which is a rare blessing ever since he started his NS. So if you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen my post in Feb about big bro enlisting into the Singapore Police Force and not to forget his POP. Big bro and his squad was activated for duty during the SEA Games and after his last shift on the second last Monday of June, he had the rest of the week off, which was why we could have big bro home for almost the whole week. as of now, he’s in camp. back to training. and i miss him even though things at home have more or less adjusted to his weekly absence.

besides school, there is the starting of the RSC preparation. I entered an essay writing event and it’s an early entry submission and my essay reached the judges yesterday. i shall post my essay on my blog after the RSC is over Feeling excited yet horribly nervous about this entire competition thing. Oh, remember i wrote about a hopefully-to-be trio? We added one more guy and it has become a quartet. My doppelganger is officially our ‘boss’, she arranges practices and then i pass on the scheduled time to the other two guys. I really enjoy the practices cus I’m the one at the piano directing who’s gonna sing which part and how their part sounds like and it’s my dream to be able to form a vocal choir and direct it myself. excuse me big dreams coming your way It’s really amazing how the sound comes out from 4 different voices to create a beautiful sound and ahhhh i’m always so so happy when we harmonize and the sound turns out perfect haha

Anw, hope everyone’s been doing good.
Have a good evening!

love, jo


It’s been a great day for me ^~^

So in the afternoon, it was badminton trials. School can only send 3 of each gender but for girls, there were 5 of us that selected the event. My buddy had an automatic spot cus she’s good but me and and older girl was supposed to play against 2 other girls. I was rly nervous cus I had no inkling of the girls standard. When I reached the badminton court, I was told that one of the girls I was supposed to match with pulled out so I just had to play against one. As the saying goes, all’s well that ends well, I soon discovered the nervousness I felt was totally unnecessary and I secured myself the second spot on the female’s badminton team within 15 minutes. 

I was doubtful about securing a spot at first but. lesson learnt here: You can only vanquish your inner demons when you yourself are convinced of your own worth.

Next great thing.

Today. Is. Big. Bros. POP!   Unfortunately, they didn’t get to put up their marching performance cus of the rain. We were vacated from our seats after about an hour of sitting with no action. (We got there about an hour earlier.) we were moved to another place but in the end I felt it was nice we got to see him up close in his full u, and watch close up as they shouted “POP+(yo/oh/o)!”

 Then it was dinner and we met some of my bros squad mates.

One of them came over to chat with big bro, and pointing to me and my siblings, he asked, “Your siblings? Family?” To which my bro replied, “Yeah, my sisters, brother, parents.” 

The squad mate nodded in acknowledgement and said 4 words that made my chest swell with pride, “Your brother is awesome!”   And yes, he is 💞 sorry my big face

Much love for the most handsome SG police corporal in the world 😘