first things first

i always feel i should apologize for not writing here but is there a need to if no one even reads it. maybe the one i should apologize to is myself –

on to the post.

November went past in a blur. Busy days, lazy days, happy days, not so happy days. December began. wanted to blog about VBS but curse my lazy fingers, i never got around to doing so. last week was youth camp (theme was First things first: Consider Your Ways, Haggai 1:6-7) and it was fUN. and now it’s almost Christmas, and i thought i should really get to posting something on me blog, mainly for myself, so i’ll never forget the many happy things that has happened.


FIRST THINGS FIRST this photo makes me so happy. #Protosinmyheart  < i came up with this hashtag on my ig photos but i doubt anyone got the double meaning . Protos was my team name and the first meaning is that my team is in my heart. Protos is also the Greek word for First, so it means #(First)inmyheart. yay im so clever right. joanna. who cares HA.


IMG-20161216-WA0018 (1).jpg
9/10 of Protos
IMG_20161216_133851 (1).jpg
3/5 of senior girls
Ally. made so many jabs at each other for all the time we’ve known each other. but i’m glad we’re friends, and maybe something even more. something like family.


’99 girls with legit the best assistant camp master. 

IM SO SURE he wanted to sleep after finale night but cos we were being a nuisance no we weren’t he took us out for pRATA @ 2AM so touching also cos we weren’t allowed to play games at night on the campsite blah i love my youth leaders cos they care for us spiritually AND outwardly, in the things they do for us, even if it means giving up precious sleep to take us out for prata. best people.

heart shape heart shape heart shape

best people ever.

IMG-20161216-WA0044 (2).jpg
Protos and Rishon!!!!

so much love for yall. This camp was so smooth and peaceful, no fights no crying no arguments no clashes. I think that was the highlight for me; even though there were two teams, the rivalry wasn’t as intense as previous years. and I LIKE. i really truly enjoyed myself those 5 short days.

decisions made, commitments shared. I’m so grateful for HANNAH at the final sharing before we left camp. i’m so glad we were paired up, the considering of our ways, mutual understanding and encouragement. bomb. I love her sm.

i learned so much this year. from devotions, i really learned alot in the small senior girls group. and even from the morning exercise. even though i almost fainted after the first day’s exercise HAHA
sure the exercises were tough but i know they were for my good and it would make me strong. No pain, no gain.

2 more days to Christmas. 8 days to new year and of course. my birthday yas. 17 cycles of 365 days is coming to an end. time to do some emo reflections.



hallo there

rly sorry i havent been blogging this past two weeks, which was also the last two weeks of the school holidays boohoo
so the third school term began yesterday and so far things are going alright if things weren’t going alright, i’ll be worried.

grateful to be able to spend almost one whole week with big bro during the school holidays which is a rare blessing ever since he started his NS. So if you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen my post in Feb about big bro enlisting into the Singapore Police Force and not to forget his POP. Big bro and his squad was activated for duty during the SEA Games and after his last shift on the second last Monday of June, he had the rest of the week off, which was why we could have big bro home for almost the whole week. as of now, he’s in camp. back to training. and i miss him even though things at home have more or less adjusted to his weekly absence.

besides school, there is the starting of the RSC preparation. I entered an essay writing event and it’s an early entry submission and my essay reached the judges yesterday. i shall post my essay on my blog after the RSC is over Feeling excited yet horribly nervous about this entire competition thing. Oh, remember i wrote about a hopefully-to-be trio? We added one more guy and it has become a quartet. My doppelganger is officially our ‘boss’, she arranges practices and then i pass on the scheduled time to the other two guys. I really enjoy the practices cus I’m the one at the piano directing who’s gonna sing which part and how their part sounds like and it’s my dream to be able to form a vocal choir and direct it myself. excuse me big dreams coming your way It’s really amazing how the sound comes out from 4 different voices to create a beautiful sound and ahhhh i’m always so so happy when we harmonize and the sound turns out perfect haha

Anw, hope everyone’s been doing good.
Have a good evening!

love, jo

Hey ‘sup

So to start this post on a happy note, my brother has passed his napha with a silver YAY from 0 to 5 pull-ups in 2 weeks is a miracle. At the toa payoh stadium, he met some brothers that we knew and were homeschoolers too I took PSLE with one of them so it’s real cool
And I was wanting to tell you guys but I fergot. I got a distinction for my grade 8 practical (:

So that’s the good news haha

Next week will be the youth camp woohoo then the next will be VBS eeksand then the next will be church camp yezziree.

Camps camps and more camps.
December is gonna be a busy monthhh but I’m looking forward to it (:

Have a good week guys! Laf you all 💕