Thursday Thoughts: 06:42am

How blessed are those whose strength
is in Thee.


Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 5 😭

Opened my eyes and wondered why the sun was already up, instead of the past few mornings where we got up before the sun did. I looked at my watch and jumped up in shock. 7am. Our roommate who was supposed to collect breakfast didn’t wake up. As the eldest student in that room, I got dressed and went to get breakfast for the room in her place and woke the rest up. we were slightly late for the last rally. During the rally time, it was awards after awards after awards. The results of the mixed quartet event were out and our names were called up: Ethan, Janelle, Jireh, and Joanna. And to our greatest surprise, we placed 2nd! Jan and I were screaming hahaha literally shocked cus we didn’t expect to be placed that high even after our stumbles.


 Our supervisor was at the other end of the stage waiting for us and Jan and I jumped into her hug as she told us how proud she was of us. 2nd place! We were thrilled, exhilarated, blessed. 

I was really eager about the photography awards because I knew the scenic photo I had entered was one of the finalists but I didn’t know which spot I had secured myself. When the results were finally read out, I found that I was the first place winner for the senior color-scenic category! The RSC experience couldn’t have closed better for me, winning a first place medal.

 this was my scenic picture, taken with my iPhone 4 😂
When the Reverend finally announced RSC 2015 officially closed, I felt a twinge of sadness, I was super gonna miss all of this. When rally was over, I took a few pictures with some new friends I had made over the 5 days but sadly, I didn’t manage to find all of them.

Nicole from LAP

Isabelle from LAP with Jan and I

Head prefect of All Saints AA, Jensen

Gem from LAP

We had to rush to change out of our uniforms, eat our lunch and then get our bags and luggages down to the lobby because our coach would leave at 1.15pm. I managed to make one last new friend at the last minute haha after bringing down our luggages and haversacks, we waited at the hotel lobby and this kid and I just struck up a conversation.

 Joshua from All Saints AA
We were all reluctant about leaving so early. why must the coach leave at 1.15? Can’t it be at 3 or 6pm? Man I’m gonna miss this all. Are you going for the next RSC? Hope to see you next year! 

The coach ride back to SG seemed really fast compared to when we were on the way to KL.

 We made one stop between KL and SG. And it was only 4.45pm when we stopped. Asking the guide how long more we were going to take before reaching SG, she replied much to our dismay, roughly one and a half hours more. Despite our disappointment, we still had to settle dinner. We went to the toilets first though, forewarned of the consequences of not answering nature’s call earlier in the bus with one of our guys having to jump around the coach trying to hold in his pee. Bumped into another RSC School contingent otw back to SG at the dinner stop. Made us feel better knowing we weren’t alone haha.

All too soon, we hit the customs and found ourselves back at SG. One of our guys thought he had lost his passport after leaving the SG customs but thankfully, he found it under his seat.

Most of us alighted at khatib mrt at about 7.30pm, back at where we first gathered to go to RSC. We said our goodbyes and sadly made our own separate ways to our separate destinations.

Personally, I felt sad cus after all this months of going to school and developing friendships, this was sort of the end of wearing the school uniform and seeing my school mates regularly, I mean, till the next time I participate in RSC again. In retrospect, I’m thankful to God for all the new experiences I had (this being my first RSC), meeting new friends that were super awesome, all the wins we made as individual students and as the whole school contingent. The messages were rather doctrinally sound though worship time wasn’t. And for all the ups, I’m also grateful for all the downs, when we got on each other’s goat when the pressure started building up, snapping at each other and the mistakes made during the process of preparing for this rather major event and during the RSC itself. Though I didn’t achieve what I wanted in some areas, I guess it’s not important what I have lost, but rather what I have gained. Although I got pretty exhausted and on the verge of crying at some points, I had loads of crazy fun those 5 days and I’m looking forward and starting to countdown to next year’s RSC!


Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 4

Woke up with a shock that it was the last full day of RSC. Breakfast was promised to be better but all they gave us was a piece of bread with butter and a piece of cake. Funny.
We gave up on the bread because the butter wasn’t good for any singing we were gonna do that day cus most of us had one singing event (For me, I only had my mixed quartet event left on Thursday).
 pre-photo-taking, with my roommates wearing the RSC shirt and school skirt.

First thing in the morning was photo-taking of the entire RSC team, participating schools, mincluding supervisors and sponsors. After that we split into our schools and took our own photos.  
 Jan and I changed into my school uniform because we had events later on and headed down to the music rooms where we did the piano accompaniment for two of our juniors who entered vocal solo events.

 practicing with the juniors before their solos.

 After they were done, we hung around and watched the dramatic dialogue event and one act plays by other schools. Had lunch and then it was finally time to do our last event of the RSC, the event that took the longest time to prepare and get ready for the actual day: Mixed Quartet

When it was our turn, we started off well. But towards the end, because the acoustics in the room was too great, our voices drowned out the audio recording, which made us, the quartet, lose our timing and the ATB lost it. At that point in the song, I had took over the S instead of singing A like I was since the start, and fortunately I didn’t stop even though the rest kinda did. Though it was a little messed up and it was obvious, what was more obvious to us was that the judges were impressed and so was the audience. We were grateful for that at least. After quartet was over, the guys in our quartet were visibly disappointed at the stumbling in the singing but Jan and I were in a stupid state of disbelief that all our events were over. We ran to our room, changed into the dress code we were told to wear and reported to our sponsor that we wanted to go out and get some stuff from the nearby ‘mall’ and because we had no more events, our sponsor allowed us to do so by ourselves, even though we weren’t supposed to. Haha. We went to reward ourselves with bubble tea and at first we were horrified that the a 24/7 squad member was queuing in front of us. The 24/7 squad were volunteers in the RSC, working behind the scenes and getting ready for events, helping the participants get along with their events etc. But fortunately, he didn’t seem to realize we were illegally on our own. We waved awkwardly trying to look confident and he acknowledged us with a curt nod, and we sighed in relief. no reporting to master control whew After we bought our drinks, we headed back to campus and found the small ensemble had just finished their event. As I saw the small ensemble emerge from the building, the leader was so relieved the next moment I found her hugging me. Funny but I guess we all have our ways of celebrating. Principal was proud of us all and took us for a treat. Ice cream for everyone! We were like little kids, excited about the ice cream. I had bubble tea earlier on and plus the ice cream, man, I was so full I skipped dinner haha.

That night rally,  our school placed 4th in the Group Bible Speaking. Our principal was the one who placed the medals around our necks and we felt a sense of achievement inside ourselves when we saw the pride in our principal’s eyes. All the months of hard work and rehearsals had indeed paid off.


  That night, we had a chips party in the girls room, and we initially planned to stay up as long as we could but ended up falling asleep as soon we lay our heads on our mattresses. We were all happy, tired, but a little sad that it was already the last night.


2015 has arrived, today already being the second day of the year
I turned 16 yesterday, and I hope that this year, I will be courageous to face the challenges that will come.

I had a special 16th birthday spent with the special people in my life, my youth group, my family, my close friend, a few childhood pals.
I thought that I would have a quiet day spent with my family and close friends.
I woke up at 12+ pm, had lunch at home and went to play basketball in the afternoon with some friends. My childhood pals were supposed to come too. They only arrived when we were supposed to go home as instructed by my dad. Confident that my dad would allow us to play longer since it was my birthday, I called home and to my surprise he insisted that we should all go home.
So i invited my pals over and when the door opened, Surprise! There was my youth group in the house. They called out surprise! and yes it was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t think they would again surprise me cus they planned 2 surprise parties for me last year one for my birthday and another one to celebrate my grade 8 distinction

Yesterday night while sending a few of my friends home they left at about 10+pm, we were nearly hit by a car who suddenly turned into our lane without signaling. Thank God for quick reflexes my dad swung the van away from the car before it could hit us. It was kinda scary like what if the car really did hit us, the first side it would have hit the side was directly where I sat at. If I died yesterday, I thought about all the things I would regret leaving behind, the things I left unsaid, the things I left undone. It was once again a timely but scary reminder that we really only live once and we only have one chance to do things right. There’s a lot of things I have to work on in 2015 but by God’s grace and His help, I’ll grow much more before this year ends. Whether I live to see the next year or die before the year ends, I know God has a special plan for me.

My friend’s dad sang Rejoice in The Lord and the second stanza found its way through my head and will stay in my heart for a long time: I could not see through the shadows ahead, so I looked at the cross of my Saviour instead. I bowed to the will of the Master that day, then peace came, and tears fled away.

I felt very loved, very blessed, and very grateful to God for giving me my parents, my church, my youth group, my friends, and I thank God for life, for health, for all He has done in my life and will do, for the years He is going to give me still, and for what He has given me.