Leave her alone. 

It’s okay for you to walk with big people steps, but you forget the distance gets too big for the little one to catch up.

Sometimes you all forget she’s the young one, forget that she just started to grow, forget she’s weak. You all are so cruel to forget that you all gone too far ahead for her to catch up, making her trip on your feet when she desperately quickens her pace to keep up, besides tripping on her own.

Please don’t forget she’s the young one. She’s the weak one. She doesn’t want to march in time with your big people steps already because her knees are bleeding.

So leave her alone while you all go play your big people games, talk your big people talk and run your races.

The little one needs to catch her breath.

Oh, I’m sure she’ll get up soon, but this time, she’ll run on her own.


2 thoughts on “breathe 

  1. Hey!
    It’s been a long time.
    You know, yesterday I wrote a post, titled ‘breathe’ too 😮
    P.S: I’m sure she’ll run on her own and leave everyone behind. Always cheering for her 🙂

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