[ Saturday Series ] ; Bona fide

[Bona fide]
ˌbəʊnə ˈfʌɪdi/


1. genuine; real.

I am not interested in going out of the way to make friends with people just because they’re good-looking or famous or considered cool. Those that are always in the limelight are showered with a ridiculous amount of attention and love, I don’t want to be part of that crowd.

But I am interested in the people neglected and forgotten by the world.

I’d rather choose to be beside the abandoned, desolate, decrepit souls of the world, giving them what I can give of the love that they have always deserved.

I don’t want to be someone that people have to try to or even feel a need to impress for whatever reasons I don’t care.

I don’t want indifferent, I don’t want cool.

I want genuine.

I want honest.

I want to be someone who reminds people that are around me of their worth.


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