brave on

So I turned 17 on the 1st of January. One year older wew (The number 17 makes me feel much older than 16, but tbh I rly feel older idk why)

Spent a quiet day with my family, had lunch at a cozy restaurant & reflected on my past 16 years of living and on the year that was to come. Grateful to God for adding yet another year to my lifeย always thought I would die at 16 ( I think a lot about death), but here am I hahaha

Here’s 2016, school begins tmr & I’m thankful for a brand new year, a brand new start.

A new year of service to Christ, a year of opportunities to grow, surrounded with the people I love & who love me, a year, though it may be paved with much trials and perhaps mixed with tears, that holds promised victory & countless blessings.

While one part of me looks forward to embracing everything God has planned for me this year, another part of me fears that whatever may happen may break my heart.

But no matter what, may I always walk on steadily, bravely, always conscious that God knows where He’s leading, that He’s already gone ahead of me through 2016, that the One who holds my every tomorrow, is the One who holds my hand.


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