Youth Camp 2015!

Youth camp ended last Saturday; been catching up with teammates and also catching up on sleep too. 
Had a great time during youth camp and it was a totally different experience compared to the other camps, like maybe more spiritually ready to learn and accept God’s word during camp.

To me, every sermon and testimony shared gave me something to think about and devotions, it was a real blessing to be with the 5 other senior girls. Devotions was a time to be completely honest and humble about personal struggles. Over the 5 days, I personally learnt to appreciate the privilege of bringing our cares and burdens to the Saviour. 

It didn’t matter that we were competing against each other, or that we were in different teams. As long as we faced a crisis/ problem, we went straight to God. Or when we didn’t know what to do/ which direction to take, for example, preparation for my team’s skit, we committed our work to God and prayed for wisdom to do all for His glory. 

Grateful for this years camp and specifically, for my team!

 Things were different this year, I wasn’t the oldest in the team but I was the leader. And if you know me, I’m not a natural leader. I admit it was a struggle at first. But by the time first day was over, I realized that if I didn’t do anything/ lead the team, no one else would do it and everyone/ everything we tried to do will be in disarray. 

So despite my desperate incompetence to lead the team, I’m thankful for strength and super thankful for my team. They were always supportive and encouraging to me, always asking me if I was alright and if I needed anything I could ask them. 

Team Steadfast: || JY, me, Ella, Andrea, Erica, Kloe, TF, John, Joseph, Azel ||

 It was a super fun 5 days with my team and sure, there were frustrating moments, there were tears, but we were a team and stuck together.

Super blessed to be in Team Steadfast and although we didn’t win in the end, having worked and fought together, knowing my posse did their best, in my heart, it was more than enough.

I know we say this every year but we really mean it!! : looking forward to the youth camp reunion and the next youth camp!



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