Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 4

Woke up with a shock that it was the last full day of RSC. Breakfast was promised to be better but all they gave us was a piece of bread with butter and a piece of cake. Funny.
We gave up on the bread because the butter wasn’t good for any singing we were gonna do that day cus most of us had one singing event (For me, I only had my mixed quartet event left on Thursday).
 pre-photo-taking, with my roommates wearing the RSC shirt and school skirt.

First thing in the morning was photo-taking of the entire RSC team, participating schools, mincluding supervisors and sponsors. After that we split into our schools and took our own photos.  
 Jan and I changed into my school uniform because we had events later on and headed down to the music rooms where we did the piano accompaniment for two of our juniors who entered vocal solo events.

 practicing with the juniors before their solos.

 After they were done, we hung around and watched the dramatic dialogue event and one act plays by other schools. Had lunch and then it was finally time to do our last event of the RSC, the event that took the longest time to prepare and get ready for the actual day: Mixed Quartet

When it was our turn, we started off well. But towards the end, because the acoustics in the room was too great, our voices drowned out the audio recording, which made us, the quartet, lose our timing and the ATB lost it. At that point in the song, I had took over the S instead of singing A like I was since the start, and fortunately I didn’t stop even though the rest kinda did. Though it was a little messed up and it was obvious, what was more obvious to us was that the judges were impressed and so was the audience. We were grateful for that at least. After quartet was over, the guys in our quartet were visibly disappointed at the stumbling in the singing but Jan and I were in a stupid state of disbelief that all our events were over. We ran to our room, changed into the dress code we were told to wear and reported to our sponsor that we wanted to go out and get some stuff from the nearby ‘mall’ and because we had no more events, our sponsor allowed us to do so by ourselves, even though we weren’t supposed to. Haha. We went to reward ourselves with bubble tea and at first we were horrified that the a 24/7 squad member was queuing in front of us. The 24/7 squad were volunteers in the RSC, working behind the scenes and getting ready for events, helping the participants get along with their events etc. But fortunately, he didn’t seem to realize we were illegally on our own. We waved awkwardly trying to look confident and he acknowledged us with a curt nod, and we sighed in relief. no reporting to master control whew After we bought our drinks, we headed back to campus and found the small ensemble had just finished their event. As I saw the small ensemble emerge from the building, the leader was so relieved the next moment I found her hugging me. Funny but I guess we all have our ways of celebrating. Principal was proud of us all and took us for a treat. Ice cream for everyone! We were like little kids, excited about the ice cream. I had bubble tea earlier on and plus the ice cream, man, I was so full I skipped dinner haha.

That night rally,  our school placed 4th in the Group Bible Speaking. Our principal was the one who placed the medals around our necks and we felt a sense of achievement inside ourselves when we saw the pride in our principal’s eyes. All the months of hard work and rehearsals had indeed paid off.


  That night, we had a chips party in the girls room, and we initially planned to stay up as long as we could but ended up falling asleep as soon we lay our heads on our mattresses. We were all happy, tired, but a little sad that it was already the last night.


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