Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 3

Wednesday was stadium day. Woke up at 6.15am, and everyone was informed the night before that the buses to the stadium would leave at 6.45am. Collected breakfast which was some awful and I repeat aWFUL noodles. One look at it and I lost my appetite. It looked like leftovers from a kid’s plate. My brave Kat tried a mouthful and reported that it was spicy and it was another reason for Jan and I not to eat it cus we were gonna be singing for the mixed quartet event the next day and not to forget, Kat and Naomi were in the schools small ensemble. {Spicy food ain’t gonna do our throats no good at all sir} All 6 styrofoam boxes of mee goreng went to the over-stuffed trash bin. Donned our ‘p.e.’ attire and headed down to the lobby. Oh how my head ached at the sight of the over-crowded lobby. Buses passed and though 3 of the students went up an earlier bus, we were finally able to go board another one with the remaining contingent together. I was supposed to do my soccer kick but I reported sick to the in-charge because I felt abit breathless due to the haze and I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the entire stadium HAHA. Jk. I really didn’t train at all so I just thought I’d give this event a miss. Ran one round on the track with the running team just to get some life into my aching calf muscles after the badminton the day before. We reached the stadium at abt 8am and I just sat and cheered and drank 100plus for the following 5 hours. So tiring.

 our track team  fastest runner in our school 👆🙌

Headed back among the first buses to the campus and got ready for my table tennis event.

  All I’ll say is that it was a joke. I won the first match. But lost the second. It wasn’t really fair the second match but anw I didn’t expect to win anything anyways. Dinner was fine and then it was night rally. Went on stage during awards time for our bible bowl medals. Our team won the third place, better than we had expected. Our other school team placed 6th, so both teams won medals 👏👏👏 I was really proud of us all.

 3rd place Bible Bowl team 6th place Bible Bowl team 💪


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