Regional Student Convention 2015: Day 1 

Naomi and I woke up earlier than the rest in my room and we went to meet the principal at 6.30am at the hotel’s reception area together with Tim, another classmate, to buy breakfast for our school contingent. We walked to a nearby coffee shop and bought prata and some rlly sweet milk tea.
 Tired Tim
Reached back at 7.30, ate quickly, put on the school uniform and we all reported to the hotel lobby at 8.15am sharp for the RSC schools registration.

 If im not wrong, we were the first school to register and it went rather smoothly, for me at least. One of our guys had to go and get a hair cut after the dress check but that was that. It was a generally strict process. Skirts below knees, socks must cover the ankle bones, fingernails mustn’t be painted, boys sideburns must be above the ears, girls fringes must be clipped up and hair must be tied up at all times etc. handed in my photographs to be placed in the exhibits to be judged by the judges later on.

 After registration, we went for lunch and we were dying of thirst. There was no drinking water provided in the hotel (sTraNGe) and I had finished all the water I had in my bottle the night before. So we went to the nearby ‘mall’ to buy drinks, then we split into different groups and had lunch. Went back to the hotel aka campus to report back and figure out where the different events would be held during the week and how to get there. Watched the first event of the week: male-physical fitness. Stopped for awhile to cheer on one of the guys from my school before walking away to continue a tour of the campus with Jan. Got up to abit of mischief that led to uneasiness for the next two days but everything was fine after Wednesday. First seating for dinner was at 6.15pm and second was 6.45pm. Night rally began at 7.30pm, and I went on stage to get my first medal: MY ESSAY WRITING. It won me a 4th placing. Jan entered essay writing too she won 6th (the last placing).

Going on stage to get my first medal on the first night rally in the RSC, it felt like it was really a great start.

  1st medal: 4th place for Essay Writing


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