Countdown to the Regional Student Convention (RSC): 6 days to departure. 

It’s just one week away from the RSC and we had a full dress rehearsal last Saturday of every performing event eg piano solo, piano duet, flute duet, one act play, group bible speaking, poetry recitals etc 
Now we’re only left with a few days to scramble to perfect whatever performance events we have and get ready for the competition and the convention. 

I already feel tired just thinking about the last minute preparation I have to do this coming week. 

I’m guessing everything will come and pass very quickly and I’m already feeling sore that I’m not gonna be seeing some of the students there often anymore, and they’re the ones that make me feel alive when I’m around them.  

Anyway. Re Convention, I’m quite nervous cus I don’t know what to expect and I really want to win. It’s also my first time traveling overseas without my parents which to me is part exciting part scary cus I’m going ovErSeAS man, not the same as going to Orchard Road to kiakia. 

Really hope everything goes smoothly 😌 


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