down but never out 

hello to whoever comes and visits this lonely corner. Haven’t been blogging cus school started (beginning of July) and the prep for competition at the end of August is stepping up and it’s super stressful. On one hand, I’m really looking forward to participating in this convention but on the other hand, I’ll be glad when it’s over cus it’s rlly stressful to be running up and down for different practices and having to keep in shape for different events like (for me), badminton, table tennis, quartet singing, piano solo and duet. Going to the learning center-school is an experience that will stay with me for a long long time, if not forever. Although the ratio of foreigners to locals are like 5:1 and there are some weird people, I feel it’s rly fun to be part of a school, like a group of students. 

on a different note, cus life’s rlly hectic now, tiredness has been a faithful companion to me for as long as training and stuff started. And when I’m feeling tired, having negative people, negative talk, around me isn’t helping at all and sometimes I feel rly hypocritical at times, having to put on some kind of act that I’m fine and that I’m doing well when I am not. With negativity assaulting me, it’s hard not to think negative thoughts and then I slip back into the old pessimistic way of thinking, it’s like a vicious cycle. Trying hard to stay positive and get myself back on track on many things, for example, spiritual stuff and also be more disciplined in my personal life. 

Hope life’s been kind to all my sweet followers out there. Keep smiling while you brave the storms in the wild world. 
Love, Jo. 


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