hallo there

rly sorry i havent been blogging this past two weeks, which was also the last two weeks of the school holidays boohoo
so the third school term began yesterday and so far things are going alright if things weren’t going alright, i’ll be worried.

grateful to be able to spend almost one whole week with big bro during the school holidays which is a rare blessing ever since he started his NS. So if you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen my post in Feb about big bro enlisting into the Singapore Police Force and not to forget his POP. Big bro and his squad was activated for duty during the SEA Games and after his last shift on the second last Monday of June, he had the rest of the week off, which was why we could have big bro home for almost the whole week. as of now, he’s in camp. back to training. and i miss him even though things at home have more or less adjusted to his weekly absence.

besides school, there is the starting of the RSC preparation. I entered an essay writing event and it’s an early entry submission and my essay reached the judges yesterday. i shall post my essay on my blog after the RSC is over Feeling excited yet horribly nervous about this entire competition thing. Oh, remember i wrote about a hopefully-to-be trio? We added one more guy and it has become a quartet. My doppelganger is officially our ‘boss’, she arranges practices and then i pass on the scheduled time to the other two guys. I really enjoy the practices cus I’m the one at the piano directing who’s gonna sing which part and how their part sounds like and it’s my dream to be able to form a vocal choir and direct it myself. excuse me big dreams coming your way It’s really amazing how the sound comes out from 4 different voices to create a beautiful sound and ahhhh i’m always so so happy when we harmonize and the sound turns out perfect haha

Anw, hope everyone’s been doing good.
Have a good evening!

love, jo


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