Church Camp 2015

here I am, finally, in this more than a week long neglected space. 

Been catching up with sleep and laying in bed, day dreaming and thinking about church camp πŸ˜‚   

I had a rlly great time at church camp, the theme was “The Godly Family”. The icebreakers were hilarious at times (the icebreaker master was the hilarious one actly), the games interesting, the fellowship was the best πŸ˜‚ it was rly nice to spend time with 3 other teenaged girls at camp, we shared one room, and we got to know each other better, laughing together abt every crazy thing and just having a great great time.    

        Leandra, me, JY, and Han  super fail jumpshot cus the sand was too soft πŸ˜‚   I think the best part of the resort’s facilities was okay I’m not trying to be silly the toilet paper. Super soft okay. Macham like silk toilet paper. 

The coach ride to and fro was rather smooth it was only towards the beach area that the road became rather bumpy. But other than that, it was a super memorable camp. πŸ˜‰

Can’t believe church camp is over already 😭 so looking forward to the next one! 

  Little red riding hood      


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