The past three days have been really busy because of the June VBS. 


Today was the last day and VBS is officially over.  This year I was one of the cast in the VBS Skit so there were rehearsals (I wanted to blog about it but was too busy) and many other things to organize. Really thankful to be working with the crafts team again, though this time I didn’t contribute ideas at all, I just helped with the manual work not the brain work 😂✌️ 

For the skit, I played the role of a girl named Jill. And yes, there was her friend, Jack too 💁  Jill iz second from right and Jack iz wearing black. Super loved the storyline even though Jack and Jill’s appearance was only on Day 1 and 3. The female protagonist is in the picture, at the far left 😂 we wanted to take a full cast picture but we forgot cus we were too busy 😂

Then there was the classes, and I was again with the lower primaries. It was tiring at times but we all managed to get through all three days. 



Met the Hoy homeschooling siblings. Super delightful to talk to them and they’re all so loveable and adorable

There’s still more fun to look forward to cus this Monday is the beginning of church camp! We’re going to Malaysia woohoo gonna see some friends for like so many days in a row 😂 but it’s all fun. 

Gonna catch some sleep now, this month is scheduled to be my turn to play the piano for church. 

hopefully I don’t sleep during Sunday Bible Hour 😭


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