Cameron Highlands 2015: part 2

Hey peeps, 

We’re beginning our journey back to SG in about an hours time. 🕙

Spent yesterday going to the Boh tea plantation🌿, the tea factory, OMF ‘resort’, and lunch from 10.30am – 1.30pm. We reached back at the hotel at almost 2pm. 


After that, we went to walk at the market to find some keychains and iced tea packets. 

It started to drizzle ☔️when we were walking back and the wind was super cool❄️ Fortunately we managed to reach our rooms before it started storming⚡️

Slept and lazed around 😴 (something we don’t get to do in SG), for a few precious hours. 

We walked out of the hotel 🏢 and explored another side of the area in search of a good place for dinner 🍜🍲

Found a JinJin restaurant which was served surprisingly better than expected food. We tried their ice blended strawberry drink 🍓there but the one at the Big Red Strawberry Farm was still the champion 🏆

By the time we finished dinner it was pretty dark and walking home to the hotel found me with cold hands and shivering insides. (I didn’t bring my jacket out which was a stupid idea) the wind was even colder than the afternoon ❄️❄️⛄️ 

Got back, showered quickly, and then i crashed earlier than the rest of my fambam.

Woke up at 7⃣+, packed stuff🎒, had devotions 📖 and now I’m at the breakfast area. 

The long journey ahead 🚌 probably will be used to sleep some more😴💤 or overthink 😌 and dream 💭

Have a good day peeps! ⛅️


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