Cameron Highlands 2015: part 1ย 

Good morning from Cameron Highlands! It’s the morning of Day 2 at Cameron Highlands! 


We left SG on Sunday, 10.30pm and reached this cooling place at about 8+am yesterday. 


We went for a tour in the afternoon, basically the same one we went last year, to occupy time and also have steamboat dinner hehe we tried this ice blended strawberry drink at some Strawberry Farm so yums! 


It started to rain at the last farm we went to so we had an earlier dinner, which I didn’t mind at all cus I was having a soup craving. 

Had a super good rest last night cus in the coach (it was an overnight ride), I couldn’t sleep rlly well cus of firstly, it was squeeze, second, it was so cold. It was even colder than Cameron that morning. (that is, in my opinion) ๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ๏ธ

Today, we’re renting a van for 3 hours and going to the tea plantation like we did last year, to take more pictures (hopefully i can use one of the photos to enter the RSC competition ๐Ÿ˜), buy tea and lol visit the place again I guess. 

It’s so cool here, a super great change from SG’s humid climate, almost a constant 18 degrees everywhere (:
Hope you all are doing fine! 


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