RSC prep 2015: part 1

Went over to my buddy’s place the day before yesterday to decide on a piano duet (or flute/piano duet) we plan to work on for an upcoming regional convention between some Christian schools in SG and M’sia. We’re going overseas for competition woohoo

The competition is not very far off, it’s in 3 months time and I’m already feeling jittery about the events in planning to compete in. 

Currently, I plan to enter 3 events under Photography, 3 under Athletics Division, 3 in Music, Group Bible Speaking and Bible Bowl (it’s a quiz thing). 

As for now, my biggest female rival and competitor also my biggest support and motivator in the school is my buddy that I’m gonna work together with for the duet and probably a mixed trio. me and my doppelgänger   

 the hopefully-to-be trio

Besides the music division, I really want a place in the badminton team, and school can only send 3 female and 3 male rep. Last year there were too many females that selected badminton as an event so they had to eliminate each other first before they could go to the Regional Student Convention. I started to practice with my younger brother, he will also be going for the RSC and entering for badminton in the male category, but I have no news to when the girls elimination matches will start in school. 

I’m pretty excited about a lot of things that’s gonna happen in the upcoming months, life’s been alright though I know things could be better. But nothing’s gonna get me down, I have so many things to live for. 

After all, life is too short to be afraid of anything. 


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