He’s back! (:

It’s been a day since big bro booked out.
When I finally saw big bro, I hugged him so tightly. I missed him so much.
He told us a lot of stories about his 10 days in the HTA, about his buddies, training and all.
He brought back a bag load of smelly PT kits and number 3s the name for police uniform tho 😂
But they were all washed on the night he came back and all hung to drip dry except for the PT shorts.
They were all dried by today and I ironed the number 3s in the evening. Felt so proud that my beloved big bro would don this blue uniform that represents the force that keeps Singapore safe and secure.
He’ll be booking in tmr evening but it won’t be so sore because this coming week, he’ll get to book out on Wednesday instead of Friday! Cus Wednesday is CNY eve and everyone is gonna have reunion dinner. So he’ll be with us from Wednesday till Sunday evening, spending CNY with us (‘:

Really really missed him. Ps I think we kinda look alike here, at least our smiles look alike, tho much apologies that I look gross and he is blurred in the pic


ps this was posted on the 14th of Feb, idk what I did and this post got deleted das why I’m reposting it today lul


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