The Singaporean Son

Today’s the day that my elder brother, the eldest son, enlisted into the Singapore Police Force to serve his 1 year 10 month National Service. 1 year 10 months instead of 2 years because he passed his fitness test and enlisted with the fit intake
We got up at 5am, had breakfast at Macs woohoo then headed to HTA where the enlistment ceremony or swearing in or whatever it’s called would be held there.
Reached there like an hour earlier HAHA can’t help it uh too scared that we would be lost and reach there late.
We got separated with big bro a few moments after we reached the hall. Registration and stuff you know. The policemen that filled the hall and every where on the Academy were real nice and friendly.
Sat in the hall for a few minutes and a few people started to trickle in at ard 8.15am. Until there was abt 20 people, a policeman stepped out from among about a dozen of officers at the side and announced that he would be taking the first group of people present for a tour of the Academy.
It was a pretty interesting experience, got to see the rooms where my bro would be staying in, held the revolver BTW ITS SUPER COOL, saw their canteen, visited the Academy’s gallery, and one part of the programme had the police instructors actually demonstrating their skills in different scenarios, and another group of policemen doing their drills.
After the performance, the enlistees filed into the hall in neat rows and sat as the deputy commissioner gave a short speech and then they took their oaths. The national anthem was played and then the enlistees filed out. Felt super proud of my brother who was chosen to be a part of the Home Team and have the honor of donning the police blue.

Then it was lunch, the last meal together with the sons of the nation before they began this new phase of their lives. met my brothers Field Instructor for a brief moment.

After lunch I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get another chance to say goodbye I didn’t get to hug him and all I did was wave bye to him as we watched my bro form ranks on the parade square and march off with the other men.
So sad.

Can’t wait for next Friday when he books out and comes home.


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