Hey there fellas,

It’s almost a week into 2015 and I hope you guys are doing fine at work or school.

School started yesterday and it started off rather well. I had a good day yesterday, still pretty much in a holiday mood tho.
I went out for a belated birthday dinner with a few friends at Suntec. my youth leader’s wife gave us a treat huehue

Went to some wonderful pizza place and as you can see, the pizza was huge but. we finished everything 💁And later on we still ordered desserts. yep we ate a lot

It was my first time trying creme brûlée and it was 😍

Before meeting the rest of them, me and my friend met earlier got off the train at City Hall and walked through the City Link to see the shops hehe. And we passed by llao llao! Initially we were hesitant to buy some but in the end we decided to go ahead cus the queue was so short compared to the time we went to the outlet at Somerset. for those who have no idea what llao llao is, it’s basically frozen yoghurt but this one is especially good and quite famous in Singapore. It’s rlly nice, they put yoghurt at the base, you choose a crunch, and then three types of fruits, and they put more yoghurt on top, and drizzle your sauce or whatever at the top. The yoghurt is so super yums I could just eat the yoghurt by itself

We met at about 6.15pm, started eating at about 6.30pm, finished the pizza at around 7pm, ordered desserts at 7.30pm. We talked and laughed and laughed and talked. We talked about our plans for 2015, what happened in 2014, funny stuff, sad stuff, weird stuff, girls stuff. We left the place at 9.10pm.😂
Boarded the train homeward bound at 9.40pm, and reached home at 10.30pm.
I super enjoyed myself but I rly must snap out of this holiday mood.

Hope you guys are doing well!


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