2015 has arrived, today already being the second day of the year
I turned 16 yesterday, and I hope that this year, I will be courageous to face the challenges that will come.

I had a special 16th birthday spent with the special people in my life, my youth group, my family, my close friend, a few childhood pals.
I thought that I would have a quiet day spent with my family and close friends.
I woke up at 12+ pm, had lunch at home and went to play basketball in the afternoon with some friends. My childhood pals were supposed to come too. They only arrived when we were supposed to go home as instructed by my dad. Confident that my dad would allow us to play longer since it was my birthday, I called home and to my surprise he insisted that we should all go home.
So i invited my pals over and when the door opened, Surprise! There was my youth group in the house. They called out surprise! and yes it was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t think they would again surprise me cus they planned 2 surprise parties for me last year one for my birthday and another one to celebrate my grade 8 distinction

Yesterday night while sending a few of my friends home they left at about 10+pm, we were nearly hit by a car who suddenly turned into our lane without signaling. Thank God for quick reflexes my dad swung the van away from the car before it could hit us. It was kinda scary like what if the car really did hit us, the first side it would have hit the side was directly where I sat at. If I died yesterday, I thought about all the things I would regret leaving behind, the things I left unsaid, the things I left undone. It was once again a timely but scary reminder that we really only live once and we only have one chance to do things right. There’s a lot of things I have to work on in 2015 but by God’s grace and His help, I’ll grow much more before this year ends. Whether I live to see the next year or die before the year ends, I know God has a special plan for me.

My friend’s dad sang Rejoice in The Lord and the second stanza found its way through my head and will stay in my heart for a long time: I could not see through the shadows ahead, so I looked at the cross of my Saviour instead. I bowed to the will of the Master that day, then peace came, and tears fled away.

I felt very loved, very blessed, and very grateful to God for giving me my parents, my church, my youth group, my friends, and I thank God for life, for health, for all He has done in my life and will do, for the years He is going to give me still, and for what He has given me.





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