Gray thoughts on a cold mid-morning

it’s 2.19am and I’m watching my brothers and my close friend play rummikub while I’m lying on a mattress in the living room. The time crawls really slowly during the morning hours. It feels like the clock has slowed down. I dunno. It’s the second last night of 2014 and I’m grateful to God that I’m spending it with the some of the most important people in my life that I love so much. I don’t know what will happen next year if I will live to see 30th of Dec 2015. I might get cancer (something that I think of very often nowadays especially when I get sudden severe throbbing pains in my body at weird times and areas like my head and my stomach area), I might get hit by a vehicle, and die next year. I apologize for the much gloomy thoughts. But certain events that have happened in my life has led me to believe that we have really only one chance to do things right and the fact that we only live once, it makes me worry that if I were to die right now I would have regrets.

But all of this dying talk aside.

For tonight, it’ll be me, Ally, Leandra, my two brothers, rummikub tiles, comfy blankets, warm jackets, laughter, happy moments, hot chocolate, cold feet. 😌

And that’s the way we create beautiful memories.


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