2014 is drawing to a close and I personally feel this year passed really quickly.

2014 has been a very tiring year, a year filled with many many dark downs. But when I look back at 2014, I know I can find days of sunshine, filled with much laughter, love and fun.

So many things have happened in 2014, I’ve changed in ways more than one. I feel some strange sort of emotional attachment to this year. I want to forget 2014, I want 2015 to begin. I want to forget the hurts of the year and have a new beginning. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave 2014 behind, filled with it’s sweet memories of so much fun with friends, camps, love, bonding, growing.

In reflection and retrospect, 2014 has been a painfully defining year for me. A year of growth, no doubt, at the same time, a year of many tears, many troubles. Yet still it has been a year of much love, much laughter, much fun with the ones dearest to my heart.

There’s so much I can be thankful for this year, new friends, new experiences, new knowledge. All the beautiful memories that 2014 contains are the reason why I hate to leave this year.

Last Saturday, 27th Dec, at youth group, our youth leader gave us a sheet of paper and on it we wrote some spiritual resolutions and some of us wrote a personal message to our future self. After that we folded our paper, wrote our names on it, and placed it in a rectangular, rather shallow, transparent, plastic box on which our youth leader wrote in block letters: TIME CAPSULE 27th DEC 2014

After the youth session was ended, two of our guys went down to the church garden and dug a hole there, placed the box inside and covered it back with the unearthed soil, burying our resolutions but waking up our resolve to fulfill our promises and resolutions in the upcoming 2015.
Our youth leader said that on the last Saturday of 2015, we would all dig the box up and let the time capsule take us back to the 27th of Dec and refresh our memories with what we resolved to spiritually accomplish and see how many of us have fulfilled our resolutions.


2014 has been a year that I will never forget. It doesn’t really matter that there were many dark days, many tears. What matters is what I have, all the beautiful memories, the love, fun, laughter, friends, and I will carry all these precious things with me, and keep it close to my heart for the rest of my life.


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