Back from camp!

I’ve just reached home about an hour ago from lunch with a handful of the campers that went to youth camp.
Yes, youth camp ended today 😢 and I’m feeling the sad sad feeling. So much awesome memories, so much laughter, met new friends, so many blessings, so much fun.
I personally had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
Really tired now cus, keeping to tradition, we stayed up the whole night tho I stayed up till like 4am and the sleep deprivation started to take its toll on me, not to mention we woke up at 6am that morning, instead of the usual 7am to complete our teams flag. Our flag was our pride, our joy.


After the finale night was over and the guests and visitors left, we packed and cleaned up the place and then we headed to PasirRis park to play. We left the chalet at about 1am. We played captains ball as the first game. We got tired of it after like an hour or so. And we went to use the swings and the flying fox thingy ohmy it was so much fun. One of the girls was quite tired she too woke up at 6am, so tired that she took a nap on a slide in the park while we played captains ball HAHA after we played the swings, climbed the big spider web and stuff, we went back to the basketball court we played captains ball on a bball court haha and played bball. It was so much fun. Then at about 3am, it started to drizzle so our youth leader said that we should go on home. By then, for me, it was about 20 hours without sleep. You know heavy eyelids feeling. I really wanted to stay up, so my younger brother suggested I take a bath which I did. It was the best bath I had since the past 3 days of camp cus we had to rush every time to accommodate like 17 girls in 2 toilets and make it to our dinner on time. We each had like a 5 minute bath each day and if you wanted to bathe in the morning, you wake up an hour earlier. Cus once the toilet is hogged up during the morning wash up, happy new year, you can’t bathe during those peak hours. The guys had only one bathroom to themselves poor guys haha and they set rules like, each of them had only what? 3 minutes of bath time? They would time each other from the time each guy stepped into the bathroom if you exceeded the time limit, the first ‘consequence’ would be that they would turn off the toilet light whether or not they were done with their business or not. The second ‘consequence’, if the guy didn’t come out soon after the 3rd minute, the water heater was turned off. If the guy still had unfinished business in the toilet, the third ‘consequence’ was that the others would keep knocking on the door till you open it. We split our sides laughing at the stories the guys told us about what went on in their room at night. It was all fun, everyone felt loved, safe, happy.
Today, when we parted, i felt so sad to leave all the friends I’ve stayed with and grown to love so much this week.
So looking forward to next years youth camp! 


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