Of holidays, prayer, and a haunted hospital

The annual one week September school holidays ended today at 12am. School resumed today.
Last week we went to a chalet for some church prayer retreat. It was from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. I personally had fun, like cooking breakfast for those that stayed overnight, fun with friends, just spending time together as a church.
And I guess the highlight of the holidays was on Thursday. We had our Sword Club meeting on Thursday afternoon.

here’s a pic with a crazy me in red for you guys to appreciate haha
And after that, me and two of the three Sword Club leaders, my elder brother, Jere, and Ed, walked one of our girls to the busstop cus she had to go home. After the girl got on the bus, we decided to go exploring HAHA cus the road opposite the chalet we stayed at what was the deserted Changi Hospital which is quite widely known to be haunted.

So with the permission of my dad, we made our way up the slope to one of the many entrances of the haunted hospital.
First, we had to cross over a fallen tree that was obviously put there to obstruct the easy slope up. We walked abit up ahead but steps that would lead us up to the gate was blocked with leaves and broken branches. I think it was put there on purpose to keep curious kids like us out or keep druggies or illegal immigrants or vices from using the premises.

courtesy of Ed who insisted we take a pic before we go up just in case we never come back HAHAHA KIDDING
And suddenly.
Caught my eye.
There was a light up there. In the room on the highest floor, in the deserted building.
I called to the guys to tell them what I saw but when I turned back the light was not there anymore.
The guys told me, “You saw something cus you were looking to see something.” Lol they didn’t believe me at first.
They decided to climb up the steep hill beside the stairs that led to the gate. It was really steep and the grass was thick and there were mosquitoes and ants, and I was wearing flipflops, skirt and a shirt. I mean exploring the hospital was just an impromptu, on the spot idea. But I decided to try to go up with the guys cus like I’m already there why waste the opportunity to see what’s inside. We didn’t climb into the compound tho cus there was a fence but we could climb over if we wanted to. I tried to go up the hill but it was too steep for me to go up. I perhaps could have made it up the hill if I was not wearing a skirt and went up on my hands and knees haha.
But the guys, being guys, made their way up to the fence. And.
The light came on again.



my bro took a video and the light can be seen on the video
They were like, “Oh yeah. A light is on.”
It felt so exciting, so thrilling.
But we didn’t go in, even tho we were curious to why there was a light on. My brother thought it was probably druggies and I guess Ed did so too. I could imagine it was criminals or weird people staying in the haunted hospital.
We didn’t go in further, cus there might be bad people inside. And yeah, it was just the 3 of us. Odd number, people, odd number.
The guys, they rolled down the hill nope haha they didn’t, they just had a tricky time balancing while coming down the hill.

Ed was like, “Let’s take a detour to go back to the chalet, in case some ‘friends’ follow us back.” That was in jest haha. We just walked straight back to the chalet. Though I did look behind my back once or twice just to make sure yeah, we were alone. HAHA
We got back to the chalet and some more friends came. One of them was an infantry officer in our armed forces and we told him about our adventure. And he told us stories about that place And yeah he had exciting stories for us abt supernatural happening in the army camps and we were abit more afraid of the dark that night. HAHA
but I had so much fun. That night tho, we were too tired to think of the special ‘friends’ and I fell asleep on the way to my pillow.
So that was the adventures of my September holidays.


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