Bewildered wonderings

How miserable we all have become. So jealousy guarding whatever belongs to us and so maliciously suspecting everybody else for trying to bring us down, to do us harm. However did we end up in this wretched state I cannot even fathom. A person with pure intentions is not spared for who can see his heart?
Everyone has shields up against each other, spears hidden behind, some even laced with deadly poison.
Oh how such a great dreadful fall from the sweet garden of Eden to this thorn-filled world!
Every pretty, innocent creation of the One Great God of mankind has turned into wicked sinister creatures that crawl in the depths of the scum of the earth.
Perhaps something in human nature has been destroyed, trampled on, hurt, never to be replaced again until the consummation and that resulted in this curiously suspicious attitude toward each other.
Constant thoughts that another might be harboring evil intentions toward themselves ruin the lives of people and brings them unnecessary distress.
With the loss of the love for innocence, we can only mourn the days ahead destined to be full of sorrow, full of cruel warrings, cry out for mercy and hold out our hands to the God of the Universe and let Him lead us on as we try to follow Him closely over the gravel filled, stone strewn, glass covered paths.


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