It’s been 8 days since I last blogged. My apologies guyz cus school has started.

Nothing really eventful has happened, no one has lost his eye or broke his neck. Just the regular routine of school and such.

Maybe the only significant thing that happened during this past 8 days was the death of the last few remaining Bible-believing Independent Fundamental Baptist preachers in my country, Pastor Selva of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Singapore.

He passed away due to an illness discovered around the beginning of the year.

My family attended his wake, because firstly, my dad’s one of the last few Bible-believing Independent Fundamental Baptist preachers like the pastor, and secondly, we wanted to comfort the family.

All the IBF churches and her pastors were there and it was a huge gathering of Christians that, on the one hand, mourned the passing of this servant of God but also thanked God for this pastor who touched many lives and led many souls to God’s kingdom.

People said he looked sickly and pale but I thought how happy he looked in the casket as he was put to lay there. No fear in his face, all was at peace, all joy.
It looked as if he was very glad to leave this world and meet the One He toiled for this many many years.
This brave, faithful soldier of grace has finally reached home, heard his God say to him, “Well Done.” and is peacefully resting in the presence of the sweet sweet Savior.


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